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cosmic intuition long mockup - elizabeth vandermey
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This collection was born out of a long-time love and fascination with all things mystical. As a child and young adult I would get lost in the fantastical worlds of books and movies and as I grew older I became deeply curious about the symbolism behind certain plants and animals.


When I began this collection I was inspired to be more intentional with my creation process, resulting in each pattern behaving as a sort of a spell for: trusting your intuition, channeling your inner strength, and surrendering to transformation (just to name a few).


I discovered that these everyday symbols hold so much meaning behind them and therefore have the power to energetically shift us to another level of comfort, understanding, and universal trust

...especially when we tap into our cosmic intuition.

johannes rose long mockup - elizabeth vandermey
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When I began this collection I knew I wanted to design something special for Mother’s Day and while that initially inspired all kinds of ideas, it naturally blossomed into a collection of floral patterns.


Drawing inspiration from photos I captured of gardens in England, bouquets from special occasions, as well as greenery from a local botanical garden has resulted in a collection that is sweet and playful with touches of vintage charm throughout.


Johannes Rose is a collection of thoughtful, sophisticated, and garden-inspired designs that convey a celebratory message that is timeless.

frequent collector long mockup - elizabeth vandermey

The high pitch sound of the oscilloscope, the clicking and snapping of dials and buttons, the smell of rubbing alcohol and the faint muttering of swear words when things got tricky are memories I have of my dad and his collection of electronics equipment.


To say he’s an avid collector is an understatement, but the joy and excitement he gets from new discoveries and restoring these pieces explain why we have so many.


Upon seeing the faces of these instruments and the intricacies of the circuit boards within them, I immediately started dreaming up a collection of patterns to celebrate my dad - the Frequent Collector, and his love of electronics.