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When it came time to rebrand my logo I knew I wanted to have a combination of handwritten script with sans serif font. I had long admired my sister's logo which she designed herself and was curious to see how my name would look written in her handwriting. I think she wrote out 3 full pages overall and we went back and forth on a few before deciding on this one. There was something really playful, feminine, and airy about it that was exactly what I was looking for. I then typed out my last name "vandermey" in a sans serif font, tucking it neatly below my first name which I think compliments it beautifully while still allowing it to feel light weight. I knew that depending on the project it wasn't always going to be possible to use my full logo, so I also designed a stamp with my initials (also handwritten by Katherine) to accompany it.


My sister had already created her own logo but was looking to have a signature icon for her website, in addition to a fun drawing for her email pop up page, and asked me to design them. Years ago she found this beautiful white bust statue from the thrift store that we nicknamed "Zeus". She's been in love with it ever since and knew that she wanted to incorporate it into her branding. I was instructed to take inspiration from single line drawings (which look exactly like what they sound like) and went through numerous renditions before we decided on the finished design.


As for the two cent coin - Katherine had already come up with the "two cents" concept months before but I thought it would be cute to have a coin icon to accompany it. Since she spent time living in England, I thought it would be fitting to take inspiration from the British 2 pence coin, and voila.


When it came to designing a visual for my dad's business cards I knew it had to look more masculine than what I was used to creating. But I still wanted to tie in my aesthetic through that hand drawn element, which gave me the idea of including a simply drawn pattern using tools. Initially I had planned on doing a two sided business card - showcasing a beautiful pattern of tools on one side with all the necessary information on the other. But my dad is someone who's always writing down notes on slips of paper, and I figured it would be nice to have a blank space on the back of his cards for him to write on instead. This meant moving the tools and information to the same side. Overall I think the card is unique because the thin lines of the drawing still allow the design to feel light while giving it a custom feel.


*note* the business cards pictured below were professionally printed by Vistaprint.

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