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designer - photographer - hair - co-stylist: elizabeth vandermey

model - makeup - co-stylist: katherine vandermey

One of the assignments in my second year of University was to design and construct a wool coat. Overall I wanted the design to be soft and serene so I decided on two different grey wools for the exterior, a soft pale yellow lining, and pearlescent buttons to create a subtle contrast between all the materials. I remember wanting to design something more interesting than just a basic pattern - which is how I came up with the ribbed shoulders and intricate detailing on the back of the coat.


When it came to the photo shoot I knew I wanted to capture it by the Lake because I thought the soft blues of the water would compliment the beauty of the grey and pale yellow palette. My sister Katherine and I arrived on location in the evening (after initially experimenting with mid-morning light) and found the setting sun provided that muted effect that had inspired me from the start. It's one of my favourite pieces I've ever created, and I think it looks just as beautiful hanging on display as it does being worn. 


My sister Katherine and I paired it with a thrifted slip, textured hair, and bold makeup and nails.

Also in my second year I was tasked with the assignment of designing a leather jacket - which was to be entered into a competition with a prestigious Canadian leather company, where the winner would have their design mass produced and sold in store. I love a moto style leather jacket and used that as the main inspiration for this design, with the addition of intricate seaming on the back as well as ribbed shoulders and wrists. This project was done at the same time as my wool coat and I ended up using a lot of the same design details in this material so that they appeared to belong to the same collection.

When it came to location scouting for the photo shoot I had driven by this high school numerous times and always loved the gold tint to the windows. Therefore when it came time to photograph my jacket I knew it had to be here. The windows also inspired the hints of gold and brass throughout the rest of the outfit. We shot this first thing in the morning, just after sunrise because I still wanted to have a soft, magical glow to the shoot - which allowed the jacket to really pop.

My sister Katherine and I paired it with a thrifted white slip, a gold pleated tunic, black and

brass booties, a textured updo and a smokey eye.

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