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I had a truly amazing art teacher through high school which allowed me to really develop my technical skill in addition to my art history knowledge. I took every art class available - painting, drawing, composition, etc and being in his classroom - surrounded by like-minded, talented individuals was the highlight of my day. Looking back they are some of my favourite memories from high school. 

I've created many drawings and paintings over the years but the following seven are some of my absolute favourites. For me they really stand out because of the detail, precision, and life-like nature of them. The second image (a study of Leonardo da Vinci's "Drapery for a Seated Figure") actually spent some time in The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, Ontario for an exhibit, while the others were showcased in the annual art show at my high school. The fifth image of the bucket bag was the created as part of my portfolio submission to Ryerson University - I believe I painted the final piece but unfortunately didn't take a photo of it (kind of forgot after pulling an all nighter) ...but I remember it being really beautiful.

In terms of materials: image ONE was done using graphite pencils, Image TWO with conte, Image THREE with black ink pens, Image FOUR was created using oil paints, Image FIVE was drawn in graphite and then traced over with a black ink pen, and Images SIX and SEVEN were painted using gouache.

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