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To me wrapping gifts is another way to explore my creativity and experiment with different colour palettes, materials, patterns, and textures. Years ago I fell in love with the trend of wrapping everything in kraft brown paper and twine - to me it looked chic, consistent, and timeless. It wasn't long before I began incorporating yarn I'd found from the thrift store, or strips of chiffon from a fashion design project. Add in beautiful wrapping paper and I began establishing a signature style - much like everything else I do.

all gifts together - landscape.JPG

I really love the process of selecting all the individual elements with each new gift - and I've even become the go-to gift wrapper amongst family and friends. I find the whole process therapeutic - including the actual cutting, folding, and taping portion of the experience (I've become rather obsessive about my crisp corners). For me, carefully and intentionally wrapping gifts has allowed me to add personality to my gift giving experience, which I think makes it more special. My intention always is for someone to look at my wrapped gifts and say: "This must be from Liz!"

In addition to creating my own notebooks, I would LOVE to have my own line of wrapping papers - with my own patterns, in my signature colour palette. It would definitely take my gift giving to the next level, don't you think?

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