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This 130ft² room has evolved over the years and currently doubles as my bedroom and studio space. At one point it had light green walls and blue wallpaper (my favourite colours growing up). But with the discovery of Pinterest in high school I found myself inspired by the beauty of a white space with hints of colour. And so the wallpaper was peeled off and the walls and ceiling repainted Cloud White (by Benjamin Moore).

Those "hints of colour" initially started as pops of bright pink and sky blue, but has become more and more subtle over the years as I've found that pastels and muted tones feel more "me".

Scroll down to see this soft feminine palette in all it's beauty.

bedroom 07.jpg

After repainting I began exploring thrift stores and antique markets for unique finds that sparked a sense of excitement and an "I HAVE to have this" vibe. I really like the worn in look of thrifted pieces because it makes the space look lived in - and it keeps the white room from looking too new. I find these pieces also tend to have more character and personality than something that's all shiny and new. Of course I'll layer in a mix of both, but I think that's what makes it work you know?

I had a Teen Vogue subscription growing up and my mum subscribed to Instyle - which started the fascination with magazine clippings. Fast forward to today and many of the images I've kept actually come from interior design magazines - rather than fashion magazines. Some of my favourites to pull from are: Domino, Style at Home, House and Home, as well as the Anthropologie catalogue.

Within these clippings I also like to sprinkle in additional things such as images I've printed from the internet, beautiful business cards I've collected, paint chips (from the hardware store), vintage postcards, greeting cards (some were gifted while others were bought to display), records, marble and wooden boards, notebooks, swatches of fabric, jewellery, and ornate scissors. 

When designing my new room I knew I wanted a cork board above my desk so I could create beautiful and inspiring moodboards. Because I have the luxury of pinning objects into the cork, I've incorporated items on here that I couldn't tape to my walls - like jewellery and ornate scissors. Every once in a while I feel inspired to take it all apart and start fresh with a new palette (especially when my collection of magazine clippings grows too big). The pale pink and blush collage you see pictured first has been up for nearly 3 years and I still love it as much as I did the first time I put it together. I think it's going to stay up for a while.

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