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Creating wall collages has it's limitations but pulling everything together into a flat lay allows me to layer in my favourite objects with beautiful imagery - creating a tangible inspiration board.

Similar to how I create the collages on my walls (see my interior styling), when I'm creating a moodboard or flat lay I like to gather all my magazine clippings and imagery first. This allows me to establish a colour palette, then from here I focus on creating visual balance - which is something I'm always considering as I I begin laying out each image, constantly asking myself do we need more colour? More contrast? More neutrals? From here I layer in additional objects to support the already established palette and aesthetic.


The whole process comes together rather effortlessly at this point because I find it's very intuitive and I'm confident in what looks good and what I like (regardless of whether it breaks the rules).

Scroll through to see additional colour palettes.

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