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I'm Elizabeth Vandermey - pronounced "van-der-may" - a surface pattern designer and creative living along the shores of Lake Ontario, just east ofToronto. I like to think of myself as an aesthetically driven optimist who thinks outside the box and leads with kindness. Right now I'm probably sipping yet another bottle of water or home made mock-tail while bringing my big ideas and designs to life.


01 - I'm an avid collector of thrifted goods & magazine clippings

02 - My favourite hot drink is a matcha latte with coconut milk

03 - I'm an aries sun + moon with a libra rising

04 - My favourite breakfast is a tie between french toast and croissant

05 - I'm really a night owl pretending to be a morning bird

06 - My favourite chip flavour is hands down sour cream & onion


take a deep dive to discover the individual patterns and story behind each collection.

all patterns are available for licensing - any inquiries can be sent directly to --

Marble Surface

“Liz has the most vibrant energy in the room. She walks in beaming and greets everyone with the warmest bear hug where you just feel your worries slip away. She creates an atmosphere around her where everything is warm and comforting, where you can truly be yourself, and easily open up. No matter how short you’ve known her, Liz will go out of her way to make sure that you feel welcomed, appreciated, and loved. She is truly the sweetest angel in which I hope everyone has the opportunity to encounter.”



being a life-long learner, naturally curious, and a creative means that I'm always experimenting and playing with new mediums when it comes to design.


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