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Admittedly I'm usually someone who forgets to take photos - I typically get so caught up in the moment taking it all in that I completely forget about capturing it. But I knew I wanted to include photography in my portfolio so I booked myself three separate day trips and brought along a proper camera (a Canon EOS Rebel T5i) to see what I could capture.

*note* the below photo was taken with my iPhone 6s in Toronto


This is one of the most beautiful funeral chapel's I've ever seen - taken in a little town called Port Hope (that has a charming main street and is a personal favourite of mine for a quick day trip). They have a small assortment of antique stores (one of which is where I find all my vintage postcards), and the most beautiful historic homes! I always come away feeling so inspired after a day spent in Port Hope among beautiful architecture, mature trees, and cute boutiques.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is hands down my absolute favourite place to be for many reasons but mainly because of how I feel when I'm there. The adorable main street, stunning floral displays, quaint shops, unique and historic homes, and overall beauty of the place fill me up in such a way that I always come home feeling deeply inspired, rejuvenated, and like anything is possible.

Below you'll find two of my favourite homes - the first is actually a garage (which I think would make for the cutest apartment), and the second house reminds me of something out of a Disney movie - Mary Poppins perhaps? There's something about that street lamp against the white house and black door that gives it a real cinematic feel.

The following shots were photographed at the Royal Botanical Garden's in Burlington, Ontario. These were taken in the dead of winter and at the time I was eager to find a warm place to capture images of plants. My favourites were definitely the tropical succulents and cacti because of the soft sage and olive greens.

These were taken during a quick trip to England (where my sister was living at the time and where my mum is originally from). There's such a different vibe to England than Toronto and I found myself looking up everywhere I went and being blown away by the architectural details. My brother is a huge architecture buff and planned the whole trip - taking my sister and I to all the most beautiful places. We did an insane amount of walking which allowed us to really pause and take in each building, house, park, and statue. Below are some of my favourite photos captured from my trip - take note of the fourth image - a building in Lewes with shiny glass-like bricks. I mean, how beautiful is that?!

*note* these images were taken using my iPhone 6s