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For almost a year and a half I was the lead merchandiser and assistant manager of the Scarborough Town Centre SAJE location. While there were many perks to the job (including meeting amazing people and sampling beautiful products), I would say my favourite part was beautifying the store.

Scroll down to see some of my favourite displays.

Our "primary" table was home to our current campaign - usually supported by large visuals at the front of the store to draw clients inside. Typically we were given a list of products to include on this table, but when those weren't available I would select products that supported the theme and helped tell a story. I liked to experiment with height to keep things visually interesting and to help catch your eye from across the room - always incorporating textures and plants to balance it out.

On the "secondary" table we would sometimes put the overflow from our current campaign, but more often than not it was left up to each store how they wanted to merchandise it. I would usually have it relate to the current campaign or provide a space for our clients to find products that were our most popular or current favourites. I always loved including natural elements like stone, wood, or marble pieces in addition to plants.

This concrete cube became one of my favourite merchandising props because of it's texture, neutral colour, and the fact that I could layer multiple products and still have visual interest with height.


When it came to these front blocks (pictures 2-4), they were often difficult to decorate because of their unusual shape and size, but I always found that including greenery and keeping the colour palette consistent and neutral made for the most visually appealing displays.

I had the idea to re-use existing tea tins that were discontinued and spray painted them white. I then sourced and planted herbs, succulents, and cacti to bring more greenery into the space while still remaining on brand. The second photo of the floral arrangement was done up for our sunscreen campaign - using store bought peonies and ranunculus with greenery from the garden. The asymmetrical wreath was created using store bought greenery and pinecones, then taped and wired onto a wooden embroidery hoop. And the final wreath was made using store bought greenery and pinecones, as well as oven dried orange slices.

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